Cascade Montessori Resource Centre

Designation: AMI Elementary Directress and Centre Head.

January 2011 – Present


Vidya Shankar as a visionary leader relentlessly informs the world that education is much more than the mere classroom experience that validates memory. The conventional method of schooling indisputably pressurizes the child to perform within a rigid structure. She launched a new initiative in 2011 after her International Montessori diploma, called CASCADE- Creating Alternative Systems for Children and Aiding Development Experientially, with the prime notion of enriching the relationship triad of the parent, teacher and the child and thereby providing for enhanced, fear free learning.

The stance of the institution is very simple- families and children become part of this experience and ethos. Children continue through their schooling years and are then enrolled through National Institute of Open School (NIOS) or IGCSE International Cambridge for School Completion.

Parents’ support is cardinal in this kind of learning. The centre ensures that parents obtain first-hand knowledge in their child’s education with required tools and resources.

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