Children poems by VS

My children

You are special, you form my life

You are my teachers, you guided my life

You are the home that I wish to live in

Do have a heart to let me in


If not for you, where would I have been?

To bask in the love you shower me therein

My pride, my joys, rest, all for you

For sky high I set my limits for you


The energy I get, when I spend a little for you

Tell the secret of my endless journeys, that too


When life takes a dull and disheartening hue

There is this smile that enchants me through.


My children, you are precious, so near, yet seemingly far

I wish I could change your lives and those in this land,

Wipe those tears and sorrows with a magic wand

Children, though all not my own, yet my very own.


I have great expectations, to be a model mother

To be a warm friend, a great teacher, to be a part of your life

Of many hundreds of children I meet

To make that difference as a fragrant breather


God, give me the courage to serve my children

To weave love and trust into their lives

To be their guide, and step aside, giving all I can,

Showing the Kindly Light that leads their lives.


A child needs love

Everyday, a thousand seeds are planted

A thousand seeds grow


Many are trampled upon by mankind,

Some survive with Divine glow


Should I cry for the perished ones,

Or laugh for the cherished ones?

To children

Oh little ones! Behold your world that is just and fair

Will you let me in, a mother who wants to share?


You gave me an opportunity to survive

Do you even know – your benevolence made my life


Whether progeny by biology or adoption- O’ child of God

Never decry or praise the souls who did either,

For it was a call thither.


So many questions have no answers,

but love prevails and evenly flows

through every being who have the fortune

of touch with the magic wand – of your tender soul


Give us time to grow, with you and learn

The nuances of relating to The Divine You

After all, I too yearn

For your cheery self to clear my blues!


Worthy of children? 

Children are my inspiration, my teachers

they were with God just 5 or 10 years ago!

None of us see them that way

Our age, and pride take over

we want to fill them with our ‘knowledge’

we think they are empty vessels!!

Can we climb up to their level – we need to,

its never , O! Adult kingdom – coming down to theirs

We should deserve children

For children merit the best!

Footprints erased

As I chronicle my spiritual journey past years

It revealed – educating the human potential

is following and not leading into the future?


I have happily erased a part of my past,

spent searching in the dark,

finding ways to unshackle children far and near

I heard their shouts, not that of my own..


A light emerged, called me to its side,

And handed a key I wanted for their door,

They were here to fly, I knew,

Now, my last chance to score

Till then, let my path remain unknown.

I speak now for myself, of my path of discovery

I trained to become a teacher, to give children my best,

They could break free, climb far and high now,

Grow from infancy to adulthood cheerfully

But hey! their shouts from atop a pinnacle already?

Not from the dark pit I imagined

Its my turn to climb now, to grow with them eternally…

 Vidya Shankar