For Raising Happy and Peaceful Children

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IT was a seminar that aimed at the role of child-centric education. Relief foundation, a non-profit organisation, organised a seminar, ‘For Raising Happy and Peaceful Children’ at Asha Nivas, Nungambakkan, which saw the participation of eleven and a slew of eager parents. Working to empower children for a better future, Relief Foundation seems to be spreading their new war cry of raising happy children through alternative education.

“Our focus is on revisiting the entire system of education we are offering children today, ” said Vidya Shankar of Relief Foundation. “We are talking about out-of-school experience. Home schooling is in its infancy and is yet to take off in India,” she added. Bengaluru though seems to be efficiently operating a system of such alternative education with a group of parents coming together, creating their own pool of resources for organic education. “It’s time we focus on such co-operative learning methods and reach the state of democracy in schooling. Today, there is clutter of information floating around. There is a need for the child to access that information and use it for his or her own progress. That is the goal of education,” she pointed out.

Students have the choice of taking their exams though Cambridge or National Open University. “Open university is usually seen as something for the ones lagging behind. It’s actually just an aid for children. It helps them come out of the factory system of education, “


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